7 Amazing Facts about Lady Loki AKA the Enchantress

Here are 7 amazing facts about The Lady Loki. Loki, the Norse god for mischief and mischief, is loved by many. He is often depicted as a male, but can also be a female.

Loki, the Norse god for mischief, is often depicted as a male. However, in some stories he transforms into a woman to become the Enchantress or Lady Loki.

Once we dive into the origins of the character, we might be able to see why this version may have a grudge against Loki that we all love and know.

The Lady Loki – Power of The Enchantress

Sylvie is able to cast spells and teleport others. She can also fly. Sylvie is psychically sensitive to the needs of others and can also manipulate mental thoughts and perform telekinesis.

One of her mystical powers is transmutation. This allows her to turn people into animals. Sylvie is able to cast spells, create force field, and deflect spells using her hands.

A Brief History of Sylvie Lushton, Enchantress

Today’s article will cover the origins of comic books and a brief history about Sylvie Lushton, the second enchantress.

The character in the show is not related to the enchantress from the comics, which suggests that they might smash several versions of the character together.

To fully understand Sylvie’s first appearance, it is important to first understand the events that led to her appearance.

After the events of the Secret Invasion was an invasion of the marvel universe that took place by the Skrulls .

A significant power shift occurred away from the MCU’s traditional heroes and towards Norman Osborne.

Norman Osborne was ultimately responsible for the death of the Skrull queen Veranke.

Norman leveraged his success to greatly increase his power in the Marvel Universe after his mother’s death. He took control of the Shield and replaced it with a Hammer. He also formed a cabal that included a variety of villains such as Doctor Doom, The Hood and Loki.

Norman assembled his own Avengers, dubbed the Dark Avengers by title only. He began to act as the Avengers in the world without the traditional heroes being outlawed.

First Appearance of The Lady Loki, aka The Enchantress

Sylvie was first part of a new team of heroes and the second generation of the Young Avengers.

Sylvie Lushton makes her first appearance in Dark Reign: Young Avengers #1, a story called Young Masters. Here we meet a new team of Young Avengers.

Four robbers are seen leaving a convenience shop after a robbery and are met immediately by the New Young Avengers.

The New Young Avengers

The New Young Avengers team consists of Big Zero and Enchantress.

It quickly becomes apparent that these heroes are not in the business to preserve life. Two robbers are killed by the team almost immediately. One robber is turned into a dog by the Enchantress. Egghead then puts another one in a coma for 30 years.

After the horrendous beating, the team goes to a bar for some drinks. The Enchantress then teleports them back to their invisible location. It becomes clear that this group of heroes is quite morally inept.

  • The Executioner, a murderer who worships The Punisher, is

  • BigZero, a racist, is also manipulating the synthesized Egghead. He’s also changing his programming to make it more shittier.

  • Both the Enchantress and Coat of Arms can be viewed as self-serving and petty.
  • The only person who seems to want to be a hero, is Melter, the team leader.

The Old and Existing Young Avengers are happy to meet the New Young Avengers team.

To distinguish the two teams from now on, I will refer the morally corrupted team to as the Young Masters.

The fight breaks out between the teams, but Melter and Patriot manage to calm their respective units.

The Young Avengers decide if any of these new teams should join the Young Avengers.

These issues will help you to understand the characters’ backgrounds and determine if they are heroes.

To keep the article short and sweet, I decided to concentrate on only those elements that are related to The Enchantress.

Melter and The Enchantress are the only two Young Masters that seem to really want to be heroes out of all the Young Masters.

Norman Osborne learns of the new heroes and sends troops disguised in Hydra to check their value.

The Young Masters and the Young Avengers are a team of experts.

One of the Young Avengers Wiccans is able determine that Enchantress is not quite right.

How Sylvie Luchton became The Enchantress

The Enchantress shares some of her history here. She states that she was a normal girl from Broxton Oklahoma. When Thor transported new Asgard to Oklahoma, she woke up one morning and kinda had powers.

This is not compatible with Wiccan.

A bit later, in the series Visionis available to download the results from a test BigZero had run on The Enchantress.

Vision and Wiccan concluded from the test that Enchantress could pose a threat to the magical defenses if she is allowed to join Young Avengers.

The Enchantress Threatened The Young Avengers

You might be wondering why she is such a danger to the young avengers. Well, Norman Osborne speaks with Loki later. Loki is actually a female at this point. She has been reborn in a body designed for sith.

Osborne questions Loki about whether The Enchantress is really an Asgardian. Loki responds that she is, and that Loki created her to give birth to mortal life.

Wiccan learns that the enchantress was a creation Loki and decides to relay the Invisible Mansion’s magical defenses to Loki if allowed to join.

So she was expelled from the team.

Norman Osborn’s dark-avengers finally meet the young avengers.Norman says that he will ultimately decide who is actually an avenger.

This renders Patriot pretty mad, as he doesn’t see Osborne as an hero. A fight breaks out and turns into a free for all.

Osborne is aggrieved by the battle and calls the , who’s supposed to immediately end the conflict.

Wiccan, Enchantress and Code of Arms, however, bind the Century in magical chaines and send him off.

Wiccan tells the Enchantress she is a creation Loki and pleads with her to choose good. Instead, the Enchantress can teleport all of the Young Master’s teams away. They kind of hide for a while.


Let’s just say that this is all I have to say about the character today. I don’t think you need to go through her entire past because it doesn’t really relate to her character in MCU.

This Loki variant is very hostile to other Lokis, as we see in the TV show. Telling the main Loki she doesn’t like being called that, it is possible that we will find out the origins of Sylvie within the multiverse due to another Loki manipulating her and creating her or other terrible acts.

We are grateful to you for reading this article. I hope that you gained a lot of information about Lady Loki, also known as The Enchantress.

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