Marvel’s Loki Series | 6 Hidden Details You Might Have Missed

Is Loki Still Alive after End Game?

The trailer confirms that we will be seeing the same Loki in the Loki Series as we did in Avengers: End Game.

Avengers: End Game: Ironman and Antman were trying to get the Tesseract Cube back in 2012. It was a mess. Loki then stole it and teleported from there.

Infinity stones can be removed from their original locations to create alternate timelines. This is what happened in the past. By stealing the Tesseract Cube from Loki, a new timeline was created that even Captain America couldn’t fix. This series is based upon the Loki timeline.

In the trailer Loki can be seen landing in the desert after teleporting to the Tesseract cube. The first thing you should note is that Loki doesn’t have a Tesseract Cube at the moment.

This could indicate that Loki may have lost the Tesseract cube along the way, or that he has hidden the Tesseract cube with his magic.

Loki is confronted here by some people who, judging by their make-up, appear to be from Magnolia country.

It could be on another planet, where Magnolia is the dominant tradition. Loki believed he would be released from the grasp of the Avengers. However, this didn’t happen. Loki is now under the control of TVA.

Who are these TVA people anyway? They are looking for Loki.

TVA is for Time Variance Authority. This organization monitors the multiverse.

TVA people will catch anyone who tampers with time and space. They also seek to destroy timelines that pose a threat to the universe.

A new timeline was created due to Loki. The TVA folks also know that Loki can be very dangerous. It is extremely dangerous to leave it open without a space stone. He was therefore arrested.

The above image shows Loki with an Inhibitor Collared around his neck. This prevents him from using his powers to escape.

TVA people don’t want Loki to be killed nor do they want him to remain in prison. They want him to do some of the work they have.

TVA must solve many problems of the multiverse. Most of those who work there are artificially clones.

Those with low intelligence levels are called Loki, God of Mischief and very intelligent. Loki has been hired by TVA to go on missions with them.

This is where we can see Loki on many planets.

Are Black Widow and Loki Series connected?

This purple planet is identical to the Vormir Planet. On this planet, we can also see a girl who looks just like the Black Widow.

Black Widow was last seen in the End Game, where she died on a Vormir Planet. This could be an alternate timeline in which the Black Widow lived on the Vormir.

Loki can also be seen in an Alternate New York after this incident, which is now completely destroyed.

Loki is the DB Cooper?

The most intriguing scene is the one where Loki hijacks a plane. This scene seems to have been inspired by the DB Cooper story.

A man called DB Cooper hijacked a flight and stole $200,000. After jumping from the plane, the man vanished and police have not been able to find him.

In this scene, Loki looks exactly like DB Cooper. Loki hijacks the plane, jumps down, and then teleports using Bifrost.

Marvel may be trying to prove that Loki is the real DB Cooper through this scene. He had vanished from the sky and was therefore not known until date.

Who is The Villain of The Loki Series, and Why?

We see a masked man interfering with all operations of TVA in some scenes from the trailer for Loki Series.

This man is most likely the villain in this series. Some rumors suggest that this man may be the Loki in an alternate timeline. He is extremely evil.

To stop another Loki, TVA supporters have kept the Loki 2012 with them. Loki cannot be defeated by Loki, only Loki.

Loki and his friends have a badge bearing Loki’s name at the end.

This scene was inspired by the Election Loki comics which appeared in 2016. Loki is seen in this photo during the election to be the President of the USA. Loki’s look here is exactly as in the comics.

We don’t know what election he is running in, but here he stands. The amazing thing about Loki’s antics is that his companions also turned against him.

Loki Series Release Dates, Cast & Crew

Marvel and Disney+ have confirmed that the Loki Series will debut on Disney Plus Hotstar Premium on June 11, 2021.

We know for certain that the series will consist of 4 episodes and be written by Rick & Morty season 4 writer Michael Wadron.

Rick & Morty is a great show. If the creator of this show is the Loki Series writer, you will understand how much there will be in this series.

We will also be seeing Owen Wilson in this series. Who will play the role of a TVA agent?

We will see many avatars of Loki in this Loki Series. Sophia Di Martino, the female version of Loki , will be featured.

Also, it is being rumored that we will see Kid Loki in this series. Rumours also suggest that Kid Loki may join the team of Young Avengers.

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