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Who will win? Godzilla vs Kong

Watching the trailer for Godzilla and Kong has raised questions about who will win.


Godzilla clearly has an advantage in this fight. His skin is impenetrable and he has a long tail. He also has Atomic Breath, which MonsterVerse fans know.

Kong, on the other side, does not have any Superpowers except for a large body. We have seen the fight between these two in the Godzilla VS Kong movie trailer 2, in which Kong is affected. Kong lies on the ground, and the girl motivates him.

However, it will not be Undertaker vs Spike Dudley if you’re showing big 2 characters fighting each other. Anyone who has seen WWE Wrestling in the 1990s will be familiar with Spike Dudley.

The point is that this battle will not be a one-sided affair. The movie will be made at a level where Kong might be defeated once, but Godzilla will be defeated as well.

Origin of Kong’s Axe Weapon

Kong has a weapon that looks like an Axe, as we have all seen in the Godzilla vs Kong movie trailer. Kong will use Kong’s Axe to defeat Godzilla.

This will likely be Kong’s main weapon in the movie. To get it, he will need to embark on another quest like Thor in Endgame.

What’s the point of going so far to get this Axe?

Okay, let’s talk about this: What is the story behind Kong’s Axe

If you’ve been paying attention to the trailer, you will have noticed that the Blade of this Axe glows a glowing blue color. As the thorns that were raised on Godzilla’s back.

This should not be a surprise. The blade of Kong’s Axe weapon is made from Godzilla’s dorsal plates, or dorsal Fins.

The question is: From which Godzilla?

The first option

First, Kong may have caught Godzilla in the fight by catching the big lizard and throwing it on the ground. It has also outlived one its fins. However, you all know how likely this is.

Kong isn’t at all ready for his fight in Godzilla Vs Kong. Kong is not prepared for this fight. In such circumstances, it seems difficult to catch Godzilla and rip his fin off the ground.

The second option

This brings me to the second possibility, which is that the blade for Axe is made of the dorsal fin from Godzilla. However, it is not from Godzilla. It is from the ancestor.

You would be able to see that Godzilla was not the only Godzilla. He was a good man, had a decent family, and this Godzilla is the last one to survive, just like Kong.

We have heard at least as much. If you’ve watched the movies about monster-verse carefully, you’ll see that Kong’s family is Godzilla’s and Godzilla’s mortal enemies.

This means that they have been enemies for centuries. Both of them were also badly at each other’s throats in Titan War.

Who is on the Human Side Godzilla and Kong?

You can get more information by looking at this image or the cave painting. In it, Kong and Godzilla are fighting each other.

It seems that Kong, who is fighting in the Titan War against the Humans, was actually fighting for them. You may be aware that some humans could communicate with Titans.

This little girl may be communicating with Kong if we can see it as a fitting movie. Perhaps Kong’s ancestors communicated with Human beings during that time.

Perhaps, if you look at the tools and weapons of Humans it is possible that the ancestors Kong also made a similar Axe.

The Powers of Kong’s Axe

This Axe’s Blade is much stronger and more durable than the blade from the previous model.

If you’ve noticed, you’ll know Godzilla is impossible to penetrate. It is impossible for any monster to cut it. It is believed that Godzilla can still cut the skin with his dorsal fins.

If it’s about durability, then Godzilla: King Of Monsters was Ghidorah who threw Godzilla out of the atmosphere of the Earth. Godzilla was then landed on top these dorsal fins.

These Finns remained intact at the end of film, even though they had been rehabilitated. This shows how strong the Dorsal Plates and Dorsal Finns are.

In the trailer, we also see how the Kong’s Axe can absorb the atomic breath from Godzilla and release it as a shock wave, much like a Black Panther suit.

This is evident that the kong’s blade is very sharp. It also has the ability to absorb the Atomic-Breath Of Godzilla, which gives it an even bigger edge.

If we look at the material that connects this handle and blade, it can’t be a common rope.

First, where will you get such a long rope. Godzilla would blow a rope made of thin material if it was tied.

This binding material could also be Godzilla’s skin. This is because it’s the only thing capable of withstand such high temperatures, and may even absorb Godzilla’s Atomic-Breath.

Now, the question is: From where will Kong get Godzilla’s skin?

Perhaps Kong’s ancestors made the Axe out of the skin of Godzilla. If so, they must have killed Godzilla as they also had the dorsal plates. Also, it is believed that Kong’s ancestors won the Titan War and not Godzilla’s.

This would have made it very easy for Kong’s ancestors, if this had actually happened.

Next, let’s talk about the handle.

It is clearly a large piece of bone. The longest bone in the human body is the Femur bone, which is also the most strong.

This is obviously a Titan’s Femur Bone.

But, the question is: whose?

If you carefully examine the handle in the trailer, you’ll see that it glows red or orange. It is not a normal bone.

This bone would give Titan some power. This way, Kong and its ancestors are exterminated, as they don’t have any superpower.

Godzilla is the exception. In the second part, we saw Godzilla glow in a similar color to Godzilla. Even the arms and legs are small enough that it is unlikely that this bone will be of Godzilla.

This bone might be a Muto, I believe. Muto that is very large.

We have seen them glowing in red in movies before. This weapon could be a real weapon if it is made from the bone from a Muto.

This bone of Muto also comes with EMP Pulse.

This Handel won’t be able generate a pulse that is as big as a full-grown Muto, but it will still be able to produce one. Even though it does not have the EMP Pulse power, it can reduce Godzilla’s atomic breath to a large extent.


We can see that the blade is made from the Dorsal Fins of Godzilla. The handle is then made of Muto’s Femur, which can emit the EMP Pulse. It binds with the skin and Godzilla.

I don’t know much about Godzilla but this weapon will be the most powerful to defeat Meta Godzilla.

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