House of the Dragon (2022): The Game Of Thrones Prequel


House of the Dragon will be the first spin-off series of Game of Thrones. The Targareans’ Golden Ancient Westeros will be featured.


It has been over two years since Game of Thrones’ eighth season ended. There was a lot of debate among critics about the series finale, some not happy. The creators are determined to make amends.

This article will discuss when and what you can expect from the series. How did the prequel become a reality?

Why was the Blood Moon series cancelled?

Original plans for “Blood Moon”, however, were to create a new series. The pilot episode was already shot and the storyline seemed intriguing. The Age of Heroes was the time when the first battle against White Walkers was to be fought. The creation of the Great House of the Starks (the Lannisters) was nearly 8000 years ago. The pilot was not well received by HBO executives.

Insiders claim that they were worried about the series frightening their old followers who were, afterall, the ones they wanted back. House of the Dragon was launched shortly thereafter.

The tale of The Dance of the Dragons, like the first season of Game of Thrones is less interesting and more about politics than intrigue. Ten episodes were confirmed without having seen a pilot episode.

The House of the Dragon’s cast

Before we dive into the plot, let’s look at the actors. It’s through them that the story’s events are reconstructed.

Patty Considine is King Viserys 1.

Patty Considine assumes the role of Viserys, the reigning King and House the Dragon. Viserys Targaryen, a character in the Game of Thrones series. His first name was a loving and compassionate king who was loved by the people. He was also the last rider to Valerion, the Dragon upon whose back Aegon The Conqueror conquered all Seven Kingdoms.

Viserys had seven children, each one of whom would play an important role.

His role as Banco in Macbeth (2015), a Hollywood drama about medieval intrigue, is proof that counsel down is not a new phenomenon.

Emma D’Arcy is Princess Rhaenyra of Targaryen

One of the main characters in this series will be Princess Rhaenyra Tarrayen. She was the firstborn of the King and is pure Valerian blood. She loved to dress up in Visenya Targaryen’s costume, which was the wife of Aegon The Conqueror. She was also a Dragon rider, but she was of the she-Dragon Cyrax type.

Emma D’Arcy plays Rhaenyra. Up to now, she has only had small roles. House of the Dragon could be her breakthrough role in the acting world.

Olivia Cooke is Alicent Hightower

Alicent Hightower is King Viserys second wife. She also has a part. She was Otto Hightower’s daughter, and served as the hand to three different kings. She was raised in the Red Keep, and was considered the Seven Kingdoms’ most beautiful girl. At the age of 18, she married the King and had four children together.

Olivia Cooke portrays Alicent. Her roles in Sound of Metal, Ready Player One and Bates Motel are some of her most well-known.

Matt Smith is Prince Daemon Targaryen

Viserys was the younger brother of Prince Daemon Targaryan. He was more known for his swordsmanship than his friendly personality, unlike his brother. He was one of the greatest heroes of history, wielding the Wheel of the Long Sword, Dark Sister (made of Valyrian Steel).

After two failed marriages, he married Princess Rhaenyra his niece. Aegon, the Third, and Viserys, the Second were their sons.

Matt Smith plays Daemon. Many of us know him from Doctor Who, and of course The Crown’s Prince Philip.

Rhys Ifans, Otto Hightower and The Hand of The King

Otto Hightower was the Hand of the King and a strong supporter of this Kingdom. He was a hand to three Kings but he was ejected by two.

Alicent Hightower joined him in trying to claim his grandson’s right to the crown. This eventually led to his deposition. He saw Prince Daemon Targaryen, his greatest adversary and a threat to the Kingdom.

His savage, warlike nature was more than enough to cause irritation in the hand. Rumours say he also deflowered the daughter.

Rhys Ifans plays Otto, best known for his role as Luna Lovegood’s father Harry Potter.

Steve Toussaint is Corlys Velaryon, aka The Sea Snake

Corlys Velaryon will be featured in the series, also known as “Sea Snake”

Corlys Valerian, a Valyrian aristocrat, was born in the ancient Valyria. He became a futile House of the Targaryens during the Seven Kingdoms.

Corlys was the most well-known Navigator in Westeros’ history. Corlys boasted that he had brought his House such wealth and claimed to have amassed more than the Lannisters. He is also believed to have commanded one of the largest fleets in the world.

He was Rhaenys Velaryon’s husband, and was known as “The Queen Who Never Was” to the common people.

Corlys is played by Steve Toussaint. Prince of Persia, The Sands of Time is his videogame adaptation.

Eve Best as Rhaenys Vearyon

Corlys’s spouse Rhaenys Velaryon is likely to be seen often as well. The Great Council simply ignored Rhaenys Velaryon, Corlys’s wife, when it came to selecting a successor for the Iron Throne. Because the Council didn’t want a woman to lead the Seven Kingdoms.

She was a powerful fighter and the author for the Dragon Males.

Eve Best, who plays the role of Eve in the series was last seen on Netflix’s series Fade the Wings Saga.

What Game of Thrones season would it be if there weren’t the Free Cities pulling the strings behind-the scenes?

Sonoya Mizuno as Mysaria

Mysaria, the beautiful Liz Dancer, was sold to slave traders until she ended up in a brothel at King’s Landing, House of the Dragon. Daemon Targaryen saw her and named her his mistress.

Sonoya Mikuno will play Mysaria.

Fabien Frankel is Ser Criston Cole

Ser Criston Cole is our final character. He was the simple son and steward of House Dondarium. His sword skills helped him rise to the rank Lord Commander of King’s Guard.

Fabien Frankel will play Ser Criston Cole, who has just completed the Netflix series The Serpent.

Let’s move on to the real business of the plot.

The Potential Plot for House of the Dragon

The House of the Dragon is a new series that has an important advantage in this area over its predecessor. The story is over. Of course, we won’t tell the entire story. We’ll only briefly cover it, as we can see from our characters.

This series is set approximately 150 years prior to the events of the original.

Flashbacks will not be used to depict the events of Aegon, The Conquer or.

It will be told the story of the Dance of the Dragons. This is how the civil war between two rival House of Targaryen parties is described.

Alicent Hightower wants to see her son Aegon. The second succeeds Viserys after his death.

Rhaenyra, Rhaenyra Targaryen is on the other side. She was the firstborn child a deceased King and would, according to the official succession be the heiress.

Two political parties emerged as a result: the Greens, and the Black Council.

This civil war will see the death of most Dragons. It will be remembered in Westeros’ history for being one of the bloodiest.

Most likely, the first season will focus on the power politics that predated The Dance of the Dragons.

You may also have noticed that one of the key cast members has not been named. Aegon To be exact, the Second.

House of the Dragon is not expected to be as brutal as the original. This is due in large part to the outcry over how Game of Thrones depicts sexual assault against females. It remains to see if the prequel episodes can match the quality of the original episodes.

The program has its seasons, where complex characters are created. However, Season 8 proved that creators can also end a series quickly.

Production Details for The House of The Dragon

Unlike the previous series, House of the Dragon filming has started at Warner Bros. Leavesden Studio, London. It is not in Northern Ireland or Croatia.

We hope to complete post-production by the end of this year.

George R.R. Martin is back as a consultant. It is unlikely that Martin will be able spend a lot of time on the project. He wants to write his Song of Ice and Fire novel.

Ryan Condal has been hired as a showrunner. Condal is a former Rampage and Hercules cast member. Miguel Sapochnik will be his director of The Battle of the Bastards. D.B. The two will replace David Benioff and Weiss.

Who is the victim of the Season 8 disaster? Fans may be most excited to see Ramin Djawadi return, who is best known for his work with Game of Thrones songs.

Episodes of The House of The Dragon: Release Date, Budget and Episodes

The first season will contain 10 episodes. However, the exact length of each episode is not known at this point.

It is also unknown what the budget was. One episode of the previous season was however averagely $15 million.

This series will debut in 2022 On HBO Max it will air mainly in the first half. However, no date has been established.

More spinoffs from The Game Of Thrones

It is clear that this won’t be the last season of the series. There will be 6 seasons in total in the Game of Thrones realm.

Next up will be a series that is based on Egg and The Adventures of Dunk. These are the stories of Lord Duncan, Lord Commander in the Kingsguard and Aegon Targaryan.


This concludes the House of the Dragon preview.

How did you manage to overcome the frustrations of season eight?

Are you up for more Westeros adventures? Or are you so bored of it that you won’t even watch the next season?

We think that the story has potential and could be a great show.

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. As long as HBO producers have learned from previous mistakes.


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