Ten Unbelievable Facts about Carnage

How and Why Carnage was Created

Author David Michelinie, Erik Larson, and Mark Bagley created him. David Michelinie, a writer, created Carnage as a darker Venom version. He wanted Venom’s human alter-ego Eddie Brock to be killed off in The Amazing Spider-Man number 400.

The Symbiote should continue to bond with several hosts.

Marvel refused to allow Brock to be killed, despite Venom and Brock’s increasing popularity. David Michelinie decided to create a new character, who was a complete psychopath and had no sense or morality.

The original name of the character was Chaos, then Ravaged before they settled on The Carnage.

The Carnage is a Cletus Kasady human component. It was created by Erik Larson, who modeled it after DC Comic supervillain Joker.

Mark Bagley was the one who designed the Carnage symbiote.

Now that you understand how and why this character was created, let us talk about his fictional past.

Fictional History of the Carnage

Cletus Kasady, a psychopath, and sadist. Kasady, a disturbed child with a dark past, killed his grandmother by pushing down the stairs. He also tried to kill his mother by throwing a TV into a tub and torturing and killing his mother’s dog.

That’s all I can say to make him a psychopath.

Cletus’s mother attempted to kill him after the second. He soon became an orphan, and was sent to a Home for Boys. His antisocial behavior made him the target of abuse by the other orphans and staff.

You don’t want people to laugh at a psychopath. They get revenge, like Kasady who murdered a teacher and pushed a girl in front a moving bus. Kasady laughed at Kasady for asking her out on an evening. He then turned down the orphanage.

However, he developed his philosophy of life at the Homes for Boys Kasady and realized that the laws were only words. He also saw chaos spreading through unpattern bloodshed as the greatest freedom.

Fast forward a little Kasady was a serial killer. Wow. After being captured, he was sent to Rikers Island prison where he was sentenced for 11 murders. However, he boasted of another dozen and shared a cell in Rikers with Eddie Brock. He had also lost the alien symbiote which made him the supervillain Venom.

Brock’s symbiote quickly returned to Brock and bonded with them again. Unwittingly, he left behind his offspring.

What is a Symbiote?

The symbiote reproduces sexually once per generation. The new symbiote entered Kasady’s bloodstream through a cut, and bonded with his blood. This transformed him into The Carnage.

He was released from prison and started a series murders. Then, at each crime scene, he painted real Carnage on the walls using his blood. It is both disturbing and amazing.

Spider-Man found him but, in desperate times, Spider-Man was no match for Carnage. Spider-Man made a truce to Venom to defeat Carnage.

A sonic weapon defeated Carnage

Spiderman Crossover With The Carnage

This is followed by Maximum Carnage, which is perhaps the most iconic Spider-Man crossover storyline.

Kasady, an alien symbiote, was destroyed by his captors. He was therefore presumed powerless and was imprisoned at Raven craft asylum.

Kasady was able to create a copy of this symbiote, and escaped when the symbiote had mutated his blood before its destruction. Kasady calls himself Carnage again during his escape and releases his fellow inmate Shriek.

They recruited two doppelgangers DemoGoblin, Carrion and Carrion to assist them in their murder spree through New York City.

Carnage refers to himself as their father. However, in reality, all of them hate Carnage and only remain with Shriek out of devotion.

As death toll rises, Spider-Man, Venom and Captain America join forces to stop them.

The ending is not revealed, but I will tell you what it is.

Of course, Spider Carnage is a must-have in any discussion about Carnage.

The Spider Carnage

Ben Riley becomes bonded to the Carnage symbiote during the web of Carnage Ark when it escapes Ravencroft Institute where its host Cletus Kasadyis is being held.

Riley struggles to control himself and tries his best to stop the symbiote taking over. After he is John Jameson taken into a cell to house Carnage, the inner struggle with the creature ends.

To kill the symbiote he willingly submits himself to microwave radiation. The symbiote then returns to Kasady via pipes.

Deadpool V/s Carnage

We also have the amazing and current Deadpool Vs Carnage storyline, which saw us get another mix-up when Carnage ties with Deadpool.

Venompool is something I would like to mention because there wouldn’t be Carnage without Venom. Venompool is a mixture of Venom, Deadpool and is very obvious. He comes from an alternate reality.

Now, I will talk about Carnage’s presumed suicide.

How Carnage Died?

In New Avengers, appearance in 2004. The character was assumed dead and was absent for almost six years.

A 2010 limited series called Carnage saw the return of the symbiote. It temporarily found a female host, before reuniting again with Kasady.

We all know that Carnage is the offspring from Venom. But, Venom isn’t the only one putting out babies. Toxin is a tiny symbiote bundle full of joy and power called.

The Toxin wasn’t a tiny bundle of joy, the more I think about it. It’s actually quite scary.

For a while now, I have been talking about Carnage and his fiction origins.

So far, I haven’t spoken about his power.

The Powers of The Carnage

Because he has too many abilities to list them all, I will only mention a few.

  • Cletus Kasady, an alien symbiote, has a greater physical strength than Venom and spider man combined.
  • It allows him to shapeshift and project a web-like substance out of any part of his body.
  • The symbiote is also capable of creating weapons from itself, such as turning his hand into an axe.
  • The symbiote tendril allows him to plant thoughts in people’s heads. Carnage, much like Spiderman, can cling to any surface.

Although I admit that I didn’t cover every detail of the carnage, it’s because the history of the character is as rich and varied as the comics. However, the information I did provide is the foundation for what you need to know.

But if you want to learn more about the symbiotes please let me know by commenting below.

Comics recommend Carnage

Last but not least, I want to leave you with some carnage reading suggestions. You have the Maximum Carnage storyline and Minimum Carnage. Web of Carnage has the Deadpool V/S Carnage. Venom V/S Carnage. Ultimate Spider-Man volume 11 Carnage.

Spider-Man Batman Crossover Series

It’s almost too late to mention Spider-Man Batman, a crossover series in which Spider-Man and Batman battle Carnage and The Joker.

It is interesting to see the similarities and differences between Carnage and the Joker, which is very interesting since Cletus Kasady was based upon the Joker.

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