7 Reasons Zuras is the Most Powerful Eternal


Marvel Comics is well-known for its interesting characters. Marvel Universe is renowned for its unique characters. There are heroes and villains as well as everything in between. We all know that there are many origin stories.


This article will focus on Zuras, The King of , and his character.

Zuras is an Eternal. He is a member of a highly intelligent race that has lived for thousands of years. The Eternals are peaceful, and spend most of their time in Olympia, a city located in the far north.

They are, however, extremes, just like many other races. One of their most extreme is Zuras. He is known as the King of Eternals and is one of their most violent members.

Who are Zuras?

Zuras was Zuras’ first appearance in The Eternals Issue 5, published in November 1976. He also holds the title of Prime Eternal.

One time, he was their leader. He has also been mistakenly misidentified as the Olympian god Zeus. A 6 foot 2 inch tall man with 300 lbs. He also had blue eyes and red hair.

This is the second generation-eternal. He is the son of Kronos, the original eternal leader. Kronos was created millions ago through the actions of powerful beings called The Celestials.

Eternals are able to use cosmic energies genetically to create extreme superpowers. Their reserves are often referred as the most powerful among all earthly Eternals.

Origin Of Zuras


A seemingly normal planet from the distant past was brought to the brink by an unfortunate event.

This was the creation of Eternal civilisation by The Celestials, who watched over their children for many years.

They were to colonize the Eternals, their Alien race, upon their arrival in this universe.

They gave them The Eternal Trident, a powerful weapon. They gave them so much, that it was easy to control and influence large swathes of the population.

These beings could become extinct if they are too many, which would lead to their spread across the universe and the creation of alien civilizations.

What are the Powers and Abilities Of Zuras?

As we mentioned, Zuras is the child of Kronos (and Alexandra). He is known as the 2nd-generation King of the Eternals, and he is the heir to Kronos’ throne. Zuras, the 2nd generation King of the Eternals, has many unique powers.

  • Zuras can transform into any Eternal form, even humans. He can also become a flesh-eating virus, which transforms him into a vicious flesh eating monster.
  • Zuras is a superhuman of mid-level strength that can lift up to 30-40 tons. His telekinetic abilities can help to augment this strength.
  • These psionic abilities allow him to fly, exhibit telepathy, manipulate matter to a very high level, and even show telepathy.
  • Zuras is also fast. However, his psionics allow him to Teleport instantly. It has been noted that Eternals don’t like this because it is physically painful.
  • Zuras has also the endurance that borders on invulnerability.
  • Other than very powerful physical attacks, he is functionally immortal. If he gets hurt, however, he can still be used to his full potential. There is also a regenerative healing element.
  • This does not address the fact that his mastery over cosmic energies meant that his consciousness would continue to exist, even if his body was completely destroyed.
  • Since I already mentioned his mastery over cosmic energies, it is worth noting that he was the most skilled and powerful of all the Eternals in controlling and projecting cosmic and other energy. He can condense this energy into different forms that can be projected from either his eyes or his hands.
  • He was so skilled at it, in fact, that he can easily beat other sky father gods like Zeus.
  • It wasn’t enough.
  • Zuras is the first eternal to be able to initiate something called the Uni Mind. This is a process where the internals can collectively combine their life force into one powerful consciousness.

These are minor references to Zuras’ later films or comics. In “Avengers”, Thanos tells Thanos that he must kill half of the universe. Zuras is the person Thanos asks.

How Zuras became the Prime Eternal

While Zuras’s father Kronos worked in his laboratory in Titanos Earth’s eternal city, he was conducting experiments to find the secrets of cosmic energy that empowers these people.

As these stories go, the experiment went wrong and caused a huge explosion that destroyed Titanos. Kronos would then be left in an astral form, which is non-physical but very powerful.

It seemed as though the accident had wiped out all of the Eternals. However, they all would be revived in what is known as reactivation rooms and quickly discovered that they had even greater abilities.

The first Uni-Mind was initiated by Zuras and his brother A’Lars, aka Mentor. During this bonding, all the Eternals decided that Zuras was the best new leader for their race.

Thanos’s connection with The Eternal Zuras

The things would be quite smooth, but A’Lars, his brother, and a few others would not allow for this unity. We’d leave Earth to establish a settlement on Titan’s moon, in order to stop it.

This migration was necessary to avoid any discord among the eternal people.

Just for the record: A’Lars’s child would become the infamous Mad Titan (aka Thanos).

However, Zuras would still lead the construction of a new major city for the Eternals called Olympia. This was in the mountainous region of Greece.

Agreement between Zuras and Zeus

The ancient Greek civilization was beginning to rise at a time when Zeus, the Olympian god, wanted to make the Pantheon’s presence known to the Greeks in order to have them worship him.

You can see how the cosmic nexus of the Olympian gods realms and the physical world was at the top of the Greeks Mount Olympus. Zeus, through his daughter Athena, organized a meeting between Zuras, his daughter Azura.

The coincidence that Zeus’s daughter and his son looked very similar to Zuras’s daughter.

They suggested that the Eternals could be Earth’s representatives. All parties would agree to this and Azura would then take the name Thena.

Things would work out fine over the years, despite the occasional jealousy that the Olympian gods had with the Eternals.

How Zuras Died

Next, we will see Zuras getting ready for The Celestials’ fourth arrival. They know that if they judge humanity unworthy, they can easily destroy the Earth.

To prevent this from happening, Zuras would join forces with Odin the Asgardian God to drive the Celestials from the planet.

Even though they were able to initiate the Eternals Unimind and fight alongside the Asgardian destroyer armor, the celestials Gamanon and Jamiyah would each fire powerful bolts into Uni-Mind.

This would cause all the Eternals to return to their original forms and leave the powerful Eternal at center Zuras dead.

It was a good thing for Earth. Fortunately for Earth.

Ajak was eventually revived physically by the tricksy, eternal Sprite. Ajak and the newly revived leader were tricked into creating a Uni-mind, which is powered by the dreaming celestial. This allows them to rewrite reality, transforming all Eternals into human. However, the plan fell apart.

Zuras would then be restored to his full power source and would continue to fight alongside his eternal brethren regarding the troubling revelations made by the Dark Celestials.

We see him emerge from this dark period of his people’s history, but we later see him in Olympia with a broken skull. It seems that Thanos, his mad nephew, took him down.

However, his eternal nature means that we shouldn’t be surprised to see Zuras once again.

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