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This school town is generally exemplary, never regular.
Ohio College doesn’t just convey a degree. It offers an encounter that turns into a piece of what your identity and you’ll be, until the end of time. Athens is a little however varied city situated among moving slopes, streaming waterways, a public woodland and that’s just the beginning. There’s an explanation green is our fundamental tone; the most lovely nature in Ohio is very close to home.


Particular and imaginative, Athens invites you to investigate artistic expression, sciences, and nature. Here city, grounds, and local area consolidate for an instructive encounter not at all like some other.

So you’ve never been to Athens, Ohio?
Come walk the blocks with us or associate with us on the web. From grounds visits to one-on-one video arrangements, we’re hanging around for you.
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Get Outside
Wildcats learn the same amount of on the edges and in the hollows as they do in the homeroom. While we view scholastics exceptionally in a serious way, not all that value knowing can be learned in a book. Once in a while you simply need to get out there and be available to the full OHIO experience, such as joining a paleontology endeavor or studying a proposed trail for imperiled species.

A man rides a bike through the Wayne Public Backwoods
Wayne Public Backwoods
Only minutes from grounds, the Wayne is a quarter million (!) sections of land of Appalachian scene for climbing, trekking, horseback riding, ATV riding, fishing, setting up camp, and general investigation. ” Not all who meander are lost” isn’t simply a sticker on a PC here. Beside WNF, there are many close commonly trails that can, and frequently do, converge with your intellectual and self-improvement way.

An individual sudden spikes in demand for the Athens bicycle way with a nightfall looking through the mists behind the scenes
Grounds Diversion
Assuming you are searching for ways of remaining dynamic, there are a lot of chances on the Athens grounds through Grounds Diversion! Visit the 168,000-square-foot Ping Diversion Center or evaluate the Sea-going Center, Bird Ice Field, green and driving reach, or Tennis Center.

In the event that you partake in the outside, go for a run or a bicycle ride on the 21-mile bicycle way, or climbing at The Edges — a 700-section of land lab right on the Athens grounds.

Ohio College gets gloating freedoms as not just the main college in that frame of mind of Ohio (laid out in 1804), however the most seasoned college in the U.S. laid out by government regulation (otherwise known as, the Northwest Law of 1787) preceding the approval of the U.S. Constitution in 1790. From its beginning with one structure, three understudies, and one teacher, OHIO presently flaunts around 30,000 complete understudies. Discuss development.


OHIO History and Customs

Espresso, Food, Music
To be a genuine Local (that is Athens-represent “neighborhood”), you would be wise to know where to get a decent mug of espresso. Yet, in addition to a snatch ‘n go caffeine fix. With such a lot of extraordinary neighborhood food and music, plan to sit and appreciate — or get up and move to the beat of the city.

Truly, bring a hunger. Athens is one of the country’s most memorable super-neighborhood food economies, with more than 140+ food accomplices gladly dedicated to presenting the kinds of the area, flavorfully and mindfully. As individuals from the 30 Mile Feast, a lot of cafés highlight neighborhood produce from the inside — you got it — 30 miles of Athens.

Close-up of hands holding a latte with latte workmanship
Individuals work in Ohio College’s people group garden
Live artists play at Jackass Espresso in Athens, Ohio
Close-up of a stacked wiener at O’Betty’s Scorching in Athens, Gracious
Workmanship Feeds the Spirit
At the point when your stomach gets full, there’s a lot of expressions and culture to provide you with a sample of the Athens scene.

Outside of the noteworthy Athena Film in Athens, Ohio
Our Noteworthy Athena Film
What number of college homerooms are likewise among the most established cinemas in the country? Worked by the School of Expressive arts and staffed by understudies, the Athena Film plays current and exemplary movies from around the world and directly down the road.

Spray painting wall at Ohio College Athens, Ohio
Craftsmanship for the good of Activism
Since the 70s, the Mulberry Road Spray painting Wall has been a material for OHIO activists to have their voices heard. The coolest part? It’s normal for these creative articulations to ignite genuine change at the college or local area level. In the event that you’re new to labeling, look at the Review and Use of Splash Paint, which, indeed, is a genuine understudy association.

Investigate Athens, Learn Athens
Since such a great deal the Ohio College experience depends on only that — experience — investigate the Athens people group through independent visits around the area. You can utilize your telephone or PC to “travel” through stops that element pictures and fascinating data.

Investigate mAppAthens

Private College Understudies

Learning People group
There is something particularly valuable about gathering however many individuals as could be expected under the circumstances, yet Learning People group are one of the ways our big(ish) school feels little.

Living Nearby
At OHIO, your home isn’t simply a spot to reside, it’s a spot to learn and develop. With in excess of 6,000 understudies residing nearby, we’re focused on your wellbeing and security, grant, understudy advancement, citizenship, and variety — directly in your usual hangout spot.

Land On-the-Position Insight
You don’t have to pass on Athens to track down an entry level position — frequently paid! — in people in general or confidential area. Athens is home to a dynamic neighborhood government, sustainable power and tech organizations, and in excess of 100 not-for-profit associations. We have a long history of public help in Athens Province. Numerous graduates stay for a little while to serve the local area through AmeriCorps, procuring an instructive honor to reimburse understudy loans or to assist with subsidizing further schooling.

Ohio College understudy in the field takes photos of a turtle
Ohio College understudies work in a lab with personnel
Business visionaries talk with Ohio College understudies in class
Gary Dillabaugh III postures for a picture next to the Walking 110 execution during the Miami versus OU football match-up back end party. Photograph by Elizabeth Held

Understudies now, graduated class later, Catamounts until the end of time…
OHIO is in contact with our local area in enduring ways that numerous colleges are not: provincial grounds that lift up and help, undergrad research straightforwardly attached to the necessities of Appalachia, and activism that has gone through understudies’ veins as far back as we can recollect.

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