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The Public Park Administration Versatile Application is an incredible device for arranging your outing, then, at that point, it tends to be utilized as an aide during your visit. You can download the guides and content from Excellent Ravine Public Park for disconnected use. It’s particularly convenient on the off chance that you’re investigating distant regions or worried about information limits. Free and accessible at this point.


Visit this page (refreshed everyday) for the ongoing rundown of what is open and shut, and the active times.

Actual Location
20 South Entry Street
Great Gully, AZ 86023
Working Hours and Seasons
Expenses and Passes
Guest Focuses
Web and Cell Access

Inside a tremendous gully scene, bright bluffs and pinnacles are becoming overwhelmed by night shadows.
View from Powell Point on the South Edge.
A Mile-Profound Gorge
The Terrific Gulch of the Colorado Waterway is a mile-profound gorge (1.6 km) that separates the recreation area.

Despite the fact that the typical distance across the gulch is just 10 miles/16 km, it requires 5 hours to travel the 215 miles/346 km between the recreation area’s South Edge Town and the North Edge Town.

More about the South Edge
More about the North Edge

How Really do Individuals Get Across Terrific Gorge?
There is just a single method for crossing the Colorado Waterway via vehicle, and that is 137 miles/231 km from the South Edge Town (at Marble Gorge, AZ) through the Navajo Extension, a couple of miles downstream from Dregs Ship, where the Gully is just 400 feet/122 m wide.

It requires 4 to 5 hours to travel the 215 miles/346 km between the recreation area’s South Edge Town and the North Edge Town.
In the event that you are climbing across the gulch, it is a 21 mile/34 km climb to go “Edge To Edge,” with an upward plunge – trailed by a trip – of 1 mile/1.6 km.

This is a short-term climbing trip for 95% of people, and the vast majority truly shouldn’t endeavor it during the sweltering mid year months, when high temperatures frequently normal north of 105 F. (40 C)
Climbers cross the Colorado Stream on a thin foot span 70 feet/21 m over the water.

Fabulous Gulch Public Park Region Guide (83kb PDF Document)

All guests Should have an Entry Pass
Find out about extra charge expenses and passes >

90% of Voyagers Visit Fantastic Gulch Public Park’s South Edge
South Edge
The South Edge is open 24 hours every day, 365 days per year.
All guest administrations: setting up camp, housing, and food are accessible all year.
Reservations are unequivocally suggested during spring, summer and fall.
Make South Edge Housing Reservation data here > – – Make South Edge Camping area Reservations here >
Since the South Edge is simpler to get to, day-use guests ought to anticipate gridlock and stopping issues, particularly during spring break and during mid year months.
The most un-swarmed time is November through February. In any case, winter weather conditions is a significant thought while arranging an outing during these months.
A free transport framework works on the South Edge, in the Terrific Gully Town region. Save gas and disappointment; leave your vehicle and ride the free transports around the recreation area.
The South Edge of Fabulous Ravine midpoints 7000 feet/2134 m above ocean level. Strolling at this rise can be exhausting.
Guests with respiratory or heart issues might encounter challenges.
South Edge areas incorporate (from west to east)
Beautiful Recluse Street > — Stupendous Gully Town > — Desert View Drive > — Desert View >

South Edge Pocket Guide and Administrations Guide

a part of the South Edge Pocket Guide that shows Excellent Gorge Town with transport courses as shaded lines. on the right; transport data and timetables. Download the available PDF record.
Click anyplace in the photograph to download the South Edge Pocket Guide. Map shows administrations, offices, transport courses, and picturesque perspectives. You will get a paper duplicate of the guide when you enter the recreation area.

North Edge Shut for Winter
The North Edge has a short season (May 15 through October 15), is more enthusiastically to get to, and is all the more wild and disconnected. Between October 16 and November 30, 2023, the North Edge is open for Day Utilize As it were.

It are unequivocally prescribed to Hotel and setting up camp reservations.
North Edge 2024 Housing Reservations
North Edge 2024 Campsite Reservations
Extra offices are accessible in the encompassing Kaibab Public Timberland, the Kaibab Hotel region, and Jacob Lake.
Driving Bearings toward the North Edge.
The North Edge is north of 8000 feet/2438 m. in rise.
Guests with respiratory or heart issues might encounter hardships. Strolling at this height can be arduous.
The North Edge is shut to all vehicles between December first and May fifteenth, and no guest administrations are accessible.
Extra North Edge Data and Video >

North Edge Pocket Guide and Administrations Guide

north edge pocket map realistic
Click on the realistic above to download the North Edge Pocket Guide and Administrations Guide.

“Explorers and donkeys travel climbing the Chimney stack, a progression of tight bends incorporated into a sheer precipice, the highest point of the South Kaibab trail
Explorers Diving South Kaibab Trail
The Inward Gully
Incorporates everything beneath the edge and is seen predominantly by explorers, hikers, donkey riders, or waterway sprinters.

The inward gorge is a brutal desert climate with little shade and summer temperatures over 100°F. ( >38°C).
Prologue to Backwoods Climbing Leaflet (download)
The most effective method to Plan for an Internal Gorge Excursion. ( website page)
Basic Boondocks Updates: Counting Trail Terminations and Limitations (website page)
There are numerous open doors here for gutsy and strong people to knapsack, camp, go on a donkey outing to Ghost Farm, or go on a stream outing through Great Gulch on the Colorado Waterway. Stream Excursions can endure anyplace from a few days to three weeks. There are nobody day stream trips through the length of Fantastic Gully.

Trail Civility Practices that Leave No Follow With so many of us taking part in an extensive variety of trail exercises, it truly helps when we are circumspect of one another. Trail Politeness Rules assist with safeguarding Fabulous Gully’s plants, creatures and history, and improve everybody’s insight.

Security Message:
Fantastic Ravine is in a Remote Piece of the Country:
Bring an additional arrangement of vehicle keys; it very well may be a significant delay for a locksmith.
The nearest camera auto shop is in Phoenix, Arizona.
There is a car repairman on the South Edge, yet just for minor fixes. No doubt the vehicle should be towed to Flagstaff or Williams, AZ .
Distances are deluding in this piece of the country. It might seem as though you can visit three parks in a single day, yet the truth is frequently unique.
Keep your fuel tank full. The following corner store might be all in all a distance not too far off.
Convey a few gallons of water in your vehicle, especially during late spring months.

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