Textbook PDF File | Standard 5 | Gujarati Medium

Textbook PDF File | Standard 5 | Gujarati Medium
Man is changing a little every day. Not only nails and hair do not
grow, not only age, but also a lot of growth or decrease. Every day, a few breaths are added to us. That breath sometimes makes us lighter and sometimes heavier. The creation or dissolution of sensations is a daily process. Every day adds a day to our lives. How many ‘grow’ do we grow daily? How different are you today than yesterday? The mirror shows the outward appearance. What about the beauty inside? Do we nail inside or feel overwhelmed? How much do we realize the direction of change in us?

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Man is constantly trying to get to know others. Who is how What does he think? We keep trying to read our person’s thoughts. Thoughts can never be fully read, because ideas change daily. Sometimes there are questions about a person who has lived with them for years. I know that right? Sometimes man seems beyond comprehension. Our footprint for measuring it falls short. A young woman went to see a philosopher. “My husband and I have been together for ten years,” she said. He is a good man However, sometimes I do not understand its behavior. Sometimes I think, I can’t even open it! The philosopher said, “Do you know who you are?” Have you ever had the idea that he could fully recognize you? Another thing is, what does it mean to recognize? Man’s identity is changing every day. The truth is, man needs to be adopted, not man. Man has to be found, not measured!
Was a spouse. Both had a fifth marriage anniversary. The two were sitting together. The wife said, you have changed a lot in these five years. The husband asked, what changed? Now you are starting to give more imports to your work. As crazy as you were before me, not so much anymore! The husband said, OK, what else? The wife proceeded to talk. You have become more mature. Behaves better with all. Is taking life more seriously. Understand your responsibility The husband said, “Well, you have considered my good talk, along with my poor talk.” The wife said, “If you only look negative, I will do you wrong.” Nothing makes a Hundred percent better or a hundred percent worse. The wife then asked, what has changed in me? The husband said, to be honest, I don’t think much about change. It is a daily occurrence. All I know is that you were mine yesterday, I am still today and will remain mine forever. Sometimes when I think of change, I don’t want to be lacking. Faith is the key to a relationship. No matter the mood, the origin should not change. Man has some basics. The basics do not change. Humans are good, but we also have a responsibility to maintain our individual well-being!
How often does a man trying to identify himself try to identify himself? How much do we realize our mentality? How honest are we with our self? What do you say if someone asks you about yourself? A boy goes to meet a girl for a wedding. We are told there, the girl went to see! Are we going to look or understand? The boy said to the girl, Tell me something about you. Talk about yourself Other than biodata. I have read about name, age, study, family members. Talk about it! The girl said, I’m a bit of a capital. Some of my points are points. Sometimes I get angry. Ignorance doesn’t suffer from me. I am afraid of the dark at night. If I see any compassionate scenes in movies, I get to cry. I also have an element of jealousy. I get jealous if someone does a better job than me. Sometimes I even feel like I’m an idiot. I trust you all too soon. When someone cheats me, I get angry at myself. When I am very angry, I also speak out. I do not judge anyone. I don’t like that someone judges me. I hope you do not judge me after hearing this.
The girl asked, what about you? The boy said, I am not very angry. I prefer to get away with it than to quarrel with it. I’m a bit workaholic. Sometimes I am scared to ask if I can give enough time to my life partner? I’m a bit stubborn. Can’t put up after one thing gets stuck. My own nature has often nagged at me. I’m loyal I hate to deceive anyone. I have my own understanding of life, my own philosophy. Peace and happiness should be experienced in everyday life. By the way, if someone asks you about yourself, can you say everything is true? We also have so much honesty? How much do we store in ourselves? We are constantly on the inside! We often do not even speak our heart to our person!

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