Textbook PDF File | Standard 4 | Gujarati Medium

Textbook PDF File | Standard 4 | Gujarati Medium
You know, whatever marketing strategy is being implemented in our country and the world, it is designed with the youngsters in
mind.Companies adopt a variety of recipes for attacking youngsters. Today’s youngsters react instantly. It is active on social media. In all respects, it offers its own unique option. If anyone thinks that today’s youngsters do not understand that they are not conscious of their life and career, then there is no such fool as them. Today’s young man is very intelligent, intelligent, understanding and sensitive. Some of the youths may have been negligent or obliged, but they were in every age. For some it is unfair to consider all youngsters irresponsible.One thing that is often said when it comes to our country is that our country is a country of youngsters. Our country has more youngsters than any other country in the world. 
If India is dreaming of becoming a super power, one has to admit that only these youngsters can make the country powerful. How much do we appreciate the youthful wealth of our country? How much do we motivate those people? Most of the time, we accept it only when someone has achieved some great success. We look at small and small successes. The hands of the young people are less able to hold back. You think the last time you said that to a boy or girl, I’m Proud of You? Ever seen someone’s skill and said, do you have the ability to be great or successful? You work just a little bit more. When has someone helped you to succeed? Would have done. The intention is not to tell everyone that youngsters are doing the same, which is not what the frequency should be.
Bianca Andrescu, a 19-year-old girl from Canada, won the US Open title by beating Serena Williams, the 23-time Grand Slam champion. Bianca returned to her hometown with a grand victory. She lives in Mississauga, Canada. The city has a population of 8.5 million people. When Bianca arrived in her hometown, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was there to welcome her. City Mayor Bonnie Crombie gave him the key to the city. It was turned around the whole city. Bianca may have been more than happy when she won the title, more than the honor she had received in her hometown. Youngsters need aspiration from their own people. There is nothing more than honoring the household and honoring the city.
What happens to us there? Some people are welcomed to the airport by coming out victorious. There is also a lot of good intentions in the media itself and their own publicity. It is a question of how many people will be truly proud. “One of the reasons why our boys are not coming forward is that they do not get appropriation from home,” said an expert at Parenting Subject. Parents who listen to their children’s little things make way for their offspring to move on. Another thing is to tackle the failure of the youngsters. When successful, many people go to Samarkand Bukhara Aawari, but fail to pay attention. Young people today need more people at a time of failure than success. How many times have we sat down to say that it’s OK? It happens. You tried Where are you going to get even less chance? You must succeed.
In our country, the efficiency of the youth is only down. Labor and Employment Minister Santosh Gangar made a statement recently saying that there is no shortage of jobs in the country, but there is a shortage of skilled youngsters. Santosh Gangawar may have been asked by a recruiter. Well, let’s take a moment to suppose that this is true, then why doesn’t the government have an idea why this is so? Youngsters have a degree, but do not have the skills, should it not be considered a flaw in our education system? How justified are you to blame young people directly? Even if we recruit a policeman there seems to be lines of graduated and post-graduated youth. Do all those educated people have any other skills? According to a survey conducted by two Delhi University professors, 33% of India’s skilled youngsters are jobless. See the mental state of youngsters who don’t have work? It gets ready to work, no matter how small or small. Making a career in a field other than the one we study there is like a chewing gum. There we have art to do in the side. The right thing to do is to pay the salary by doing the job. We also do not appreciate the little work that is done in the field of art. Our scales measure only how much they earn each month. Youngsters must do something pretentious, just motivate them. He needs companionship, not sympathy. A country that cannot appreciate its youngsters cannot go on. If we want to move on, we have to learn to trust the youngsters and stumble upon their backs.

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