Textbook PDF File | Standard 3 | Gujarati Medium

Textbook PDF File | Standard 3 | Gujarati Medium
Every human being has a nature. Every man has a ‘type’. We often
say that he is a very strange man. How is the nature of man made? Thus, it is said that his upbringing, his background, his circumstances and his condition make nature. Not to be mistaken, it is also true that the experiences that a person experiences are shaped by him. We all experience a few good, a few nauseous, some sweet, a few bitter experiences every day. Experiences leave something in us. Experiences are planting something in us. What is planted and what grows out of it becomes our belief or mentality. We decide accordingly, whether this is good, this bad, this right, this unworthy, this doing, this not doing. Sin and virtue also have their own concepts.
  • पाठ्यपुस्तक डाऊनलोड
It is not necessary that we have ideas with every human being. Not all people belong to ‘our type’. We ever wonder, what type of person am I? If I like something then why? If I don’t like something, what is the reason? Is the reason true or false? We don’t think too much of everything. Everyone has the right to follow their own beliefs. One and the most important reason why our relationships do not last is because we cannot accept one’s beliefs. We want everything we like and want.
This is a family affair. Three members of that family. Husband, wife and son. The husband had a good job. The income was also OK. Husband’s very nature. The skin is broken but the skin does not break. The son grew up. His demand began to grow. Father does not pay Rs. Son once told mom, Daddy’s nature doesn’t explain to me. Even though they have rupees, using them does not work. If not, understand why, but why is it doing so much? Something comes out of them, it comes out of the nose! Mom said, “Son, it’s like that.” You can’t change them. After I got married, I was like, ‘This man is greedy. Gradually, I realized that this is what their nature is. I’ve never tried to change them. Except for one thing, how good is everything else in them! We sometimes try to measure it from a fraction of human nature. Man should be seen from many sides, not from one side. Mother said, rather than the nature of your daddy, you are going to make your daddy feel bad, because of the beliefs you have about him. Every man has a thing or two that is not good, but that does not make him bad!
Often we measure man with the use of his money. There are many people around us whose pockets never go out of money. It is very thoughtful if you have to use anything. We are also talking about how to tie it together and get everything together! What to use for someone else who is thinking of spending money for himself? Many rupees are used to using. He removes the wallet from his pocket. We tend to base people’s opinions about people on such a nature. There was a group of friends. A friend keeps giving everyone a party, calls everyone, has fun. Spending money for everyone was also dear to all.
Once a friend came out talking about it, another friend said, “Man, his life is too big!” Another friend said, what does life mean? Using only rupees can make a living bigger? Yes, it costs good money. Gifts to all. Wherever it goes, it brings something to everyone. Not at all, but is it anywhere else? Even if someone else keeps a small party, it doesn’t come! True friendship is, in every situation, together. I don’t mind it, but the definition of a larger being is different. Life does not measure with money, it is measured by its humanity, its generosity and its benevolence!

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