Textbook PDF File | Standard 2 | Gujarati Medium

Textbook PDF File | Standard 2 | Gujarati Medium
There were two beggars. The two sat outside a religious place. It was noon in the morning, but neither of them received a single
rupee. Suddenly a sister arrived. He gave one loaf of bread to a beggar. He was hungry. Before starting to eat the bread, he cut the bread in half and gave it to the beggar sitting next to him. Sometimes life is measured by half a piece of bread. Our misfortune is that we have also started to measure relationships differently. From how much we spend on ourselves, we believe how much it feels for us!Many people believe that even spending money is keeping the relationship going. This is the point of a spouse. Husband leaves no stone unturned in spending Rs.
The wife wants to present everything before she wants it. Take you to a good place. Dinner at a good hotel. The husband believes that he does everything for his wife. Once the love thing came out, the wife said, “You don’t think about using money, but what else?” Do you know what mental state I go through? Pamper is not just about spending money, but there is so much more to life. How much do you care for me How many times did you wake up at night when I was asleep, why did you fall asleep? A true companion is a psychic adjuvant. If you bring a dress and I don’t wear it then say, looks cool, then there is no point in bringing that dress! No matter where we go, how we go there is more important.
Each one has different scales to measure how and what a person is like. The creature is also buzzing. Sometimes our lives are cut short. Sometimes our lives burn. When something happens to our person, our lives are sometimes cut short. It only worries. That would be ok, wouldn’t it? He may have eaten the same? It must have arrived in time, didn’t it? Even if the phone is a bit late, it makes us feel uncomfortable. Occasionally, though, is shortness of life a sign of love? Why is life not short for all? Why don’t we burn our lives for everyone? This happens for some. The reason is that our organism is attached to it. We have heard that there was a king. His life was in a parrot living in the forest. One enemy had to kill the king. He grabbed the parrot from the forest and killed Annie’s cock. The king is dead. Have you ever felt that your soul belongs to someone? It is. We are sad when our person is hurt. We enjoy it while it is fun.
This is a story of a young man. There is often a dispute with a wife. However, after a quarrel comes to the office, it is no fun. Do not feel at work. He once said to his wife, “I am very disturbed after a quarrel with you.” If you ever quarrel with someone or are upset with someone, tell them, what happens after you do this or do it? We do not say, but to say so is our ego. We do not say, do not do this man, I do not have fun, my life is confused.
Our lives respond to us. They give us an insight into what is happening. The person who recognizes his ‘soul’ knows the same life. For some, we say that this is my life. We even say, “You are my life.” Live your ‘life’, know the life and enjoy the life, the true fun of living is to live the ‘life’!

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