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If the demand for self-governing school board to start primary school classes allowed street education without protocol, why not regular schools? 1 In Ahmedabad, the Mandal has not even introduced masks in street education, pictures of children studying without social distance, though it has been approved.


Private start-ups should be allowed. Why Gujarat State Self Supporting Schools are not allowed for state government primary schools to start primary school classes? The board has given permission for the presentation of street education, following the protocol in street education with the presentation by the governing body to the government in which the teachers have gone to the street mahalla.

The board has also released pictures of what is not happening, the statement said. The children also do not wear masks while teaching in the state where protocol-free street self-governing school administrators are not allowed where teaching of any protocol is allowed, he said, adding that the standard is not followed by the government. Why regular schools are not allowed to start classes from 9th to 12th in addition to tuition classes? Education is allowed.

High school is allowed. But at the instruction of the Department of Regular Classes, all the rules in government physical classes are not approved by the schools and are followed by the government in conducting street education by partisan schools. Another is being done.

Ours is an appeal to the government, which has also relaxed the current corollary towards masks and socialism, to allow the introduction of elementary school classes if the schools are now complying with the distinction of distance.

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