Impose a 14-day lockdown in Gujarat: See who has filed a petition in the High Court

 Amid rising cases of coronavirus in Gujarat, the Medical Association has filed a petition in the High Court seeking a lockdown.

As the Coronavirus situation in Gujarat is deteriorating day by day, the state government has repeatedly announced that there will be no lockdown in the state. A number of organizations and experts have repeatedly filed for lockdown, while in the ongoing hearing on coronavirus in the High Court, a 14-day lockdown has been proposed by the Medical Association in Gujarat..

Hearing on Coronavirus in Gujarat High Court

The state government filed a reply in the High Court

Submission to lockdown by the Medical Association

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Such a demand for a lockdown was made by the Medical Association

During the High Court hearing on the situation of lame corona in Gujarat, the medical association has argued that a 14-day lockdown is required in the state and the state government should consider the matter. Apart from this, beds and medicines are also required in hospitals, according to the Medical Association.

1 lakh 73 thousand tests are done daily – Government

After the reply was submitted by the Gujarat government, the High Court asked sharp questions to the government. The High Court told the government that the RTPCR test was more accurate than the rapid test and that a CT scan was needed. The government told the high court that about 40 RTPCR machines would be launched in two weeks while 1 lakh 73 thousand tests were being done daily.

The death toll of 117 patients in the last 24 hours is staggering

Notably, 117 people have died during treatment in the state in the last 24 hours. Thus far 5494 people have died due to corona in Gujarat. Corona’s case has risen more alarmingly today than it did yesterday, and the death toll is rising. There are currently 341 people on ventilators in the state. The number of active cases has reached 68,754.

Corona uncontrollable in Surat and Ahmedabad

Despite the ongoing vaccination campaign in Gujarat, on the other hand, the situation is dire. Concerns have been growing over Corona’s case. Ahmedabad city has the highest number of 4207 cases in the state while 51 cases have been reported in rural Ahmedabad. While 1879 new cases have been reported in Surat city, while 484 cases have been reported in rural Surat. 436 cases were reported in Vadodara city, while 189 cases were reported in rural areas. 663 cases have been reported in Rajkot city and 98 in rural areas.

Kaher became the second wave in India

The number of cases in India has been steadily rising since March. The situation is deteriorating day by day and there is no space in hospitals and cemeteries in different states. The number of cases of corona virus is increasing day by day. As of April 21, 2021, 2,59,170 new cases have been reported in India while 1,761 deaths have been reported. Apart from this, 1,54,761 people have recovered in one day.

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